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Starting at only $89 for 30 minutes or $150 for one hour!
Flying is the ultimate open-road experience, minus the road. It is time you unlock your freedom and explore the skies. You can drift leisurely past clouds, or race by at breath-taking speeds. When you are the pilot, you are in command of your world.

What to Expect
A discovery flight is your first step into an exciting new lifestyle. However, before taking on the full commitment of becoming a licensed pilot, it is a good idea to test the waters. A discovery flight gives you a no-obligation introduction into flight training, but it is nothing less than your first flight lesson.

To begin, you will learn what is expected of you as the student and what you can expect of your instructor. Basic safety procedures will be discussed, followed by a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft.
With the ground portion of the lesson completed, it is time to take to the skies. This is a full hands-on experience and you will actually fly the aircraft with the assistance of your instructor. You will learn how to maintain level flight, turn, climb, descend, and other basic maneuvers. Expect the flight to last between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how busy the airport is.
Once back on the ground, there will be time for any questions that may have come to mind during your flight. In most cases, the first flight will leave you eager to start your training. If you decide to go further in aviation, you may schedule your training at any time.

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